Gordon's Slojito


Gordon's Slojito Cocktail
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Take a cool clean tumbler.

Throw in 8 basil leaves, 4 wedges of lime and a teaspoon of brown sugar.

Muddle until the lime juice is soaking the other ingredients.

Fill the glass with high quality ice cubes and pour over 50ml of Gordon`s Sloe Gin.

Top up with fresh, chilled soda water and give the drink a final stir to mix.

Garnish with a wedge of lime and a basil leaf close to the straw to bring out the aroma.

Glass Type:   Collins / Highball
Garnish:   Wedge of Lime and Basil Leaf

Created By:  
Submitted By   Gordon`s Gin


50 ml Gordons - Sloe
1/2 Fresh Lime
1 dash(es) Soda Water
1 teaspoon Brown Sugar
10 Basil Leaves