A Touch of Zen


A Touch of Zen Cocktail
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Shake and strain into a 12oz chilled Sling glass. Garnish as follows (see photograph).

Create a conical shaped bowl from edible rice paper and fix to the top of a banana slice by pinning it with a small (1cm) cocktail stick. Make a small cut in the lower half of the banana slice and slide over the rim of the glass.

Now fill with lime zest dipped in syrup and sugar.

Serve with a black straw.
I love this one.... Didn't win the compeition I created it for, but just love the garnish, ahead of its time I think.

Glass Type:   Sling
Garnish:   See pic

Created By:   Paul Martin
Submitted By   Paul Martin


50 ml Alize - Gold Passion
25 ml Bols - Blue
18 ml Bacardi - Carta Blanca
70 ml Pago Mango Juice
20 ml Florida Orange Juice
35 ml Barts Coconut Cream
20 ml Florida Orange Juice
12 ml Double Cream

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