Improve Holland Gin Cocktail


Improve Holland Gin Cocktail Cocktail
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Stir the ingredients together in the glass.
Evidence suggests that the cocktail itself, originally made with a mixture of sugar, water, bitters and spirit of any kind was invented somewhere between New York City and Albany. Since the population of this region was largely of Dutch extraction, and indeed still spoke Dutch. It is likely that the earliest versions of the drink would be based on Genever, either imported, or domestic. A recipe from 1876 edition of Jerry Thomas's book.

Glass Type:   Goblet
Garnish:   Fancy lemon zest

Created By:   Alex Kratena
Submitted By   Alex Kratena


60 ml Bols Corenwyn 6yo
5 ml Luxardo - Maraschino Originale
2 dash(es) Angostura - Aromatic Bitters
1 dash(es) Absinthe
5 ml Giffard - Gomme (sugar)