Fosbury Flip


Fosbury Flip Cocktail
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Muddle caraway seeds in base of mixing glass, add liquor and steep for 2 minutes.

Add all other ingredients and dry shake for 5 seconds.

Fill with ice and shake for a further 10 seconds.

Fine strain.

Glass Type:   Goblet
Garnish:   Fresh Grated Nutmeg

Created By:   Adam Elmegirab
Submitted By   Adam Elmegirab


1 barspoon Caraway Seeds
50 ml Drambuie
25 ml Bacardi - Ocho Anos
1 ml Egg
2 dash(es) The Bitter Truth - Chocolate
5 ml Monin - Gomme (Sugar)
1 pinch(es) Hawaiian Red Lava Salt
1 pinch(es) Black Pepper