Bombay Sapphire Seduction


Bombay Sapphire Seduction Cocktail
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Measure all ingredients into the glass part of a cocktail shaker, fully fill with cubed ice, attach the top section securely,

"Shake really hard" then double strain (using a tea strainer) into a chilled or frozen clean martini glass.

Serve with a smile and enjoy!

A fantastic cocktail with herbaceous tendencies, it is slightly fruity but amazingly tastes of Oregano, the famous Italian herb. This drink is a flavour "TRANSMOGRIFICATION" where several ingredients have come together to create a completely new flavour. The Bombay Sapphire Seduction is a great simple cocktail to make at home and is especially great if made as a pitcher for friends or family coming round for a BBQ this spring/ summer.

Why? I love the word "transmogrification"

Glass Type:   Martini / Cocktail

Created By:   Sam Carter
Submitted By   Sam Carter