Jolly Green Giant


Jolly Green Giant Cocktail
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This drink is similar to the classic Tiki drink 'The Zombie', for the following reasons, it's strong, slightly on the sweet side, fruity and shocking in colour!

Muddle the pineapple, add the rest of the ingredients shake and strain over crushed ice.

For the garnish go crazy, flowers, pineapple leaves, bananna & passion fruit.

Glass Type:   Sling
Garnish:   Pineapple leaf & passion fruit

Created By:   Jack Rackham
Submitted By   Jack Rackham


40 ml Pisang Ambon
15 ml Distilleries Provence - Absinthe Absente 55%
3 Pineapple chunks
15 ml Lemon juice
15 ml Monin - Fruit de la Passion (Passion Fruit)
30 ml Pineapple Juice

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