Chateau Grey Goose


Chateau Grey Goose Cocktail
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Make a powder of the allspice, tonquin bean, vanilla beans then roast them on low heat for 3 to 4 minutes.

Pour fruits separately into a steam juice extractor, extract the fruit on a low heat. Blend 2 parts cherry juice and 1 part blackberry juice.

Add spices.

Decant and allow to chill.

Serve in a red wine glass.

Glass Type:   Red Wine Glass

Created By:   Dimitri Lezinska
Submitted By   Dimitri Lezinska


1 measure(s) Grey Goose
4 kg Black Cherries
4 kg Blackberries
4 kg Blueberries
1 pinch(es) All Spice
1 Tonquin Bean
3 Vanilla Pods

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