Green Fairy Sazerac


Green Fairy Sazerac Cocktail
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Pour La Clandestine into the glass and swirl gently to coat the inside of the glass with a light film.

Stir the other ingredients together in a glass of ice, and strain into the absinthe lined glass.

Garnish with lemon peel.
The "Green Fairy Sazerac" is a unique Purl creation and is a little more difficult to recreate at home as we use the Butterfly absinthe as an "air" rather than as a rinse.

Glass Type:   Old Fashioned
Garnish:   Lemon Peel

Created By:   Purl
Submitted By   Andreas Tsanos


1 dash(es) Dr Peychauds
2 shot(s) Hennessy - VS
0.5 shot(s) La Clandestine
0.5 shot(s) Monin - Gomme (Sugar)