Butterfly Flip No 2 (hot or cold)


Butterfly Flip No 2 (hot or cold) Cocktail
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(cold) Add all ingredients in shaker and shake lenghtly to break the egg and dilute.

(hot) Whisk egg yolk and leave aside, gently heat rest of ingredients. Add slowly in small amounts into egg yolk whilst whisking (in order not to cook the egg).

Glass Type:   Goblet
Garnish:   Frozen rose petal and (hot) grated nutmeg.

Created By:   Purl
Submitted By   Andreas Tsanos


35 ml Butterfly - Boston 1902
15 ml Miclo - Framboise (Raspberry)
20 ml Merlet - Creme de Mure (Blackberry)
10 ml Vanilla Sugar
1 Egg Yolk