The Grand Breakfast


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Pour all the ingredients in a shaker except a spray of Peach Bitter, stir to dissolve the marmalade, dry shake to get a foamy texture, fill with ice, shake, double strain into a coupette and finish with a spray of Peach Bitter over the drink, finish with the garnish.

Glass Type:   Coupette / Margarita
Garnish:   Mint leaf and Grapefruit Twist

Created By:   Julien Lafond
Submitted By   Julien Lafond


35 ml Grand Marnier - Cordon Rouge
15 ml Ketel One
25 ml Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice
20 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
3 barspoon Orange & Tangerine Marmelade
20 ml Egg White
2 dash(es) Fee Brothers - Peach