Grand Christmas Cup


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Pour all the ingredients in a punch Bowl, mix and rest for the fruits to infuse, once infused fill with ice and top with soda water or Champagne.
Tips : Fill an ice cream tub with water and freeze it, to make a bloc of ice that you can use in your punch bowl. Top up with Soda Water or Champagne (Prosecco).

Glass Type:   Punch Glass
Garnish:   5 Slices of Orange, a few Lemon Shells

Created By:   Julien Lafond
Submitted By   Julien Lafond


100 ml Grand Marnier - Cordon Rouge
50 ml Ketel One
175 ml Lillet - Rouge
50 ml Hidalgo - La Gitana Manzanilla
10 ml Mint Sprigs
80 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
50 ml Fresh Orange Juice
25 ml Giffard - Maraschino
50 ml Monin - Gomme (Sugar)
top up with Ruggeri - Argeo Prosecco Brut