Zapach Lasu


Zapach Lasu Cocktail
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Add Sugar Cube, Cloves, Almond Essence & sparkling water to Boston Glass, stirring until it is dissolved.

Add the rest of the ingredients, top with cubed ice, stirring until this is ice cold.

Double Strain into chilled Martini Glass .
Zapach Lasu is Polish for 'Aromas of the forest'.

Glass Type:   Martini / Cocktail
Garnish:   Lemon Zest

Created By:   John Collingwood
Submitted By   John Collingwood


35 ml Zubrowka - Bison
15 ml Briottet - Liqueur de Poire William (Pear)
5 ml Stones - Ginger Wine
1 dash(es) Hildon - Sparkling
3 Cloves
3 drop(s) Almond Essence
2 dash(es) Dr Adam Elmegirabs - Dandelion & Burdock
3 drop(s) Almond Essence
1 White Sugar Cube soaked in Dr. Adam Elmegirab's Dandelion & Burd