The French Summer Cup


The French Summer Cup Cocktail
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Homemade Grenadine; place 1 litre of concentrated pomegranate juice on heat and reduce to 700ml. Take of heat and add 700 kg of Caster sugar and whisk till dissolve. Add 75 ml of rose water. let cool, bottle and keep in fridge.

Glass Type:   Collins / Highball
Garnish:   Citrus, Pomegranate seeds, Plum, Cucumber, Moroccan Mint & Dry Lavender

Created By:   Andreas Tsanos
Submitted By   Andreas Tsanos


40 ml Esprit De June
15 ml G'Vine - Floraison
15 ml Homade Grenadine (see recipe below)
25 ml Fresh Mandarin Juice (can be replaced by pink grapefruit juice)
3 dash(es) Orange Blossom Water
top up with Fever Tree - Ginger Ale