Raspberry Collins - Video


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Fill the Collins glass with ice and add 2 shots of Martin Millers gin, 1 shot Funkin raspberry puree and half a shot of Funkin Lemon Juice.

Add 1 spoonfull of sugar and stir/twist with a bar spoon.

Top up with soda water and garnish with 2 raspberries.
Created in1999 by Cairbry Hill, London, England.

Glass Type:   Collins / Highball
Garnish:   Two Raspberries

Created By:   Cairbry Hill
Submitted By   Funkin


2 shot(s) Martin Millers - Gin
0.5 shot(s) Funkin - Pure Pour Lemon Juice (1 Litre)
1 shot(s) Funkin - Raspberry Puree
1 teaspoon Sugar
top up with Soda water