White Lion #2 - Video


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Chill the martini glass by filling up with crushed ice and leave to one side.

Fill a mixing glass with ice cubes and 'wash' the Vermouth through the ice using approximately 10ml and stir to chill further and dilute the drink. Then strain some of diluted vermouth out of the boston glass, leaving a small amount of liquid in the bottom.

Pour into the boston glass 100ml of U'Luvka vodka and stir. Fine strain into the chilled martini glass.

Cut a slither of skin from a lemon and squeeze droplets into the glass. Use the slither to 'rim' the glass and drop into the White Lion as a garnish.

Glass Type:   Martini / Cocktail
Garnish:   Slither of Lemon Skin

Created By:  
Submitted By   Alex Whiston-Drew


100 ml Uluvka - Vodka
10 ml Noilly Prat - Original Dry