Gatinha Cocktail
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With a large measure of the Brazilian national spirit, the Cachaca, the mix is shaken and then drizzle on top of a lemon sorbet ball for an ultimate refreshing experience.

Best enjoyed with a tea spoon, the Gatinha is a different way to enjoy drinking!

Pre-dilute the honey with water to obtain the syrup (1 part honey for 1 part water). Gatinha is a wonderful and simple cocktail to make because the inspiration was to create a mix which could be made in Brazil, on a beach, at any time, by anyone. The theme was the 'Pure spirit of Brazil', so Mickael erron wanted to use only ingredients which would reflect the Brazilian way of life. Port represents the culture and heritage from the Portuguese conquistadors, Honey gives you a rich and warm finish which symbolizes the sunny weather and Angostura bitters expresses the Caribbean heritage, such as the carnival. Winning cocktail United Kingdom Bartender's Guild, national competition 2005. Seeded No6 in the world at the IBA competition in Helsinki!
Sagatiba UKBG National Competition - 'Pure Spirit of Brazil' - September 2005.

Glass Type:   Martini / Cocktail

Created By:   Mickael Perron
Submitted By   Mickael Perron


50 ml Sagatiba - Pura
20 ml Fonseca - Unfiltered LBV 2008
10 ml Monin - Miel (Honey)
3 dash(es) Angostura - Aromatic Bitters
1 Lemon Sorbet Ball

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