Green CSM


Green CSM Cocktail
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A large measure of Green Chartreuse, a touch of a peaty single malt whisky from Islay for an elegant smoky finish, and Lillet Blanc as a French vermouth.

Fill a boston glass with ice and stir well until ice-cold.

Serve in to the Martini Glass.

It's all you need to enjoy this amazing cocktail with a glass of water on the side.
In1764, Brother Antoine completed the recipe of Green Chartreuse, a work started in the 16th century by many alchemists in search for an elixir. The Original recipe is a combination of 130 different herbs carefully chosen for their health properties, going through maceration, distillation and ageing processes. At 55% alc. /vol, Green Chartreuse strong character tends to keep people afraid to mix it with cocktail. The Green Chartreuse Smoky Martini (Green CSM) is as simple as a martini. By chilling your bottle of Green Chartreuse, the burning perfume will decrease to let the beautiful blend of aromas and flavours expresses its best.
September 2005 / Green Chartreuse National Competition - Class Magazine, The Player Bar, London.

Glass Type:   Martini / Cocktail
Garnish:   2 Green Grapes on a Stick

Created By:   Mickael Perron
Submitted By   Mickael Perron


35 ml Chartreuse - Green
15 ml Lillet - Blanc
5 ml Lagavulin - 16 Year Old

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