Creamy Bee Martini


Creamy Bee Martini Cocktail
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Chill the martini glass.

Pour the ingredients into your shaker tin in the order shown and add plenty of ice. Shake until icy cold.

Dust the rim of your glass with the cinnamon and then strain in the mixed ingredients.

Add a raspberry or two as a garnish.
Created whilst head bartender at Hush and was dedicated to my girlfriend at the time, whose favourite flavours were all the ingredients included. Her father kept bees in Arizona USA, and she loved Baileys, Cinnamon and Berry fruits basically!

Glass Type:   Martini / Cocktail
Garnish:   Cinammon Dusted Rim & Raspberries

Created By:   Richie Fawcett
Submitted By   Richie Fawcett


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