Decadent Opulence


Decadent Opulence Cocktail
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Shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass.

Garnish with a puree web.
When Bernard Carroll designed Ampersand in Manchester, he described it as Decadent Opulence and I loved the Idea of having a drink, which itself could be very rich and luxurious. It is based on a drink that was on the menu at Something Blu in Manchester.

Glass Type:   Martini / Cocktail
Garnish:   Raspberry Puree

Created By:   Jamie Stephenson
Submitted By   Jamie Stephenson


25 ml Baileys - Original
15 ml Kahlua
10 ml Volare - Cherry Brandy
20 ml Les Vergers Boiron Raspberry Puree
20 ml Cream

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