Serendipity Cocktail
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Muddle the blackberries, then add the other ingredients and shake well.

Double strain into a tall glass filled with crushed ice.

Garnish with a slice of lemon and a blackberry.
This drink was created at Sugar Lounge, Manchester one evening in 2003. It originally had Sloe Gin as a base and I used it to win the CLASS Maxxium cocktail challenge that year, which won me a fortnight in Barbados. When I came to compile my list for Cosmopolitan Spirit, I already had a Sloe Gin and Chambord drink called Slow Walk in the Woods, so I used raspberry vodka instead. At the time of its conception, The Guardian had just reported Serendipity as being the Nation's favourite word, so thought it was good enough for my drink. The first customers to try it worked for UCI cinema and there was a film coming out with the same title which kept the word on most people's lips.

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Garnish:   Lemon Slice & Blackberry

Created By:   Jamie Stephenson
Submitted By   Jamie Stephenson


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