Young Chevalier


Young Chevalier Cocktail
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Shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass

Garnish with star anise
This is a reworking of a drink called French Rock 'n' Roll that I used when I won FLVR Bartender of the Year. The flavours used in it complement the spices in Drambuie to a T. I'm really enjoying my role as Global Brand Ambassador for Drambuie as it is such a versatile product - You can produce spectacular drinks with it.

Glass Type:   Martini / Cocktail
Garnish:   Star Anise

Created By:   Jamie Stephenson
Submitted By   Jamie Stephenson


35 ml Drambuie
15 ml Volare - Peach
20 ml Lemon Juice
15 ml Monin - Pistache (Pistachio)
3 dash(es) Angostura - Aromatic Bitters
1 dash(es) Egg White
10 ml Sebor

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