Passio-Mint Szarlotka


Passio-Mint Szarlotka Cocktail
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Pour all ingredients into a glass with ice and lime slices.

Add a sprig of fresh mint and shake.
In your mind`s eye: green forest, grass, leaves, moss. An evening breeze brushing across your face. Pleasant ticking. A light rain. So much happens when mint slips into your glass!

Glass Type:   Collins / Highball
Garnish:   Fresh Mint and Slices of Lime

Created By:  
Submitted By   Zubrowka


40 ml Zubrowka - Bison
top up with Freshly Squeezed Apple Juice
1 teaspoon Bols - Creme de Menthe (Peppermint)
Sprig Fresh Mint
1/2 slice(s) Fresh Lime