Lemon Calm


Lemon Calm Cocktail
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Fill a mixing glass with ice cubes.

Add apple juice, lemon juice, vanilla syrup and Drambuie.

Stir and strain into a chilled champagne glass.

Top up with champagne.

Garnish with 1 peel lemon.

Glass Type:   Flute
Garnish:   Peel of Lemon

Created By:  
Submitted By   Absolut Drinks


1 measure(s) Drambuie
1 measure(s) Freshly Squeezed Apple Juice
1 dash(es) Monin - Vanille (Vanilla)
1 dash(es) Funkin - Pure Pour Lemon Juice (1 Litre)
top up with Lanson - Black Label Brut NV
Peel of Lemon

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