Cocktail making can be appreciated by everyone from the beginner to the bar expert and with so many choices of cocktails on offer, you would be hard-pushed not to find satisfaction!

We hope you benefit from the extensive database of new and classic cocktails, the hints and tips we have made available and of course the ingredients and equipment with which to make them.

Mixologist of the Month - Maurizio Palermo

""I was born in Belvedere, southern Italy. The name of the village is probably the reason why I joined the "world of drinks". I started washing glasses in a club when I was 15 and that's where my love for bartending begun. I wanted to my passion to grow so I took the decision to move in a cosmopolitan city, Milan was my choice! ..."

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Basic Techniques:
There are many special techniques a bartender will use when professionally preparing cocktails.

The A-Z glossary of cocktail making to help you better understand the terms used throughout the site.
Use these measurement conversions to help you determine measurements in different units.

Essential Tools:
You needn't be a professional bartender to be able to mix cocktails, providing you use the appropriate tools for the job.
Always use fresh, washed fruit. Fruit is not only a decoration, but will also affect the taste of the cocktail.
An extensive range of cocktail, wine, spirit and beer glassware for your pouring perfections.

Our Mixologists
June '14
Paolo Tonellotto
May '14
Stelios Papadopoulos
April '14
Frank McGivern
March '14
Tom Vernon
February '14
Carl Anthony Brown
January '14
Ali Reynolds
December '13
Jamie McDonald
November '13
Phil Huckle
September '13
Tom Higham
August '13
Dan Bovey
July '13
Rob Wood
June '13
Meimi Sanchez
May '13
Carlos Londono
April '13
Joe Stokoe
March '13
JJ Goodman
February '13
miguel Arbe
January '13
Imants Zusmanis
December '12
Esther Medina
November '12
Yoann Lazareth
October '12
Alex Proudfoot
September '12
Nick Wykes
August '12
Mike Aikman
July '12
Amit Sood
June '12
John Collingwood
May '12
Jake Burger
April '12
Andy Mil
March '12
Anthony Peart
February '12
Colin Asare-Appiah
January '12
Jody Monteith
December '11
Mario Neziri
November '11
Julien Lafond
October '11
John Ennis
September '11
Luis Simoes
August '11
George Matzaridis
July '11
Ago Perrone
June '11
Gavin McGowan Madoo
May '11
Tim Homewood
April '11
Sam Kershaw
March '11
Jill Saunders
February '11
Andreas Tsanos
January '11
Marian Beke
December '10
Dimi Lezinska
November '10
James Wynn-Williams
October '10
Jack Rackham
September '10
Ron Frith
August '10
Erik Lorincz
June '10
Giuseppe Gallo
May '10
Sam Carter
April '10
Adam Elmegirab
March '10
Matthew Dakers
February '10
Emily Williamson
January '10
Mirko Falconi
December 09
Stefano Cossio
November 09
Patsy Christie
October 09
Alex Kratena
September 09
Paul Martin
August 09
Sean Ware
July 09
Leanne Davidson
June 09
Duane Shepherd
May 09
Stefanie Holt
April 09
Jim Wrigley
March 09
Papa Jules
February 09
Zoran Peric
January 09
Dale DeGroff
December 08
Ben Reed
November 08
Jamie Stephenson
October 08
Alex Kammerling
September 08
Ian Burrell
August 08
Tony Conigliaro
July 08
Alex Turner
June 08
Richie Fawcett
May 08
Greg Akoka
April 08
Simon Difford
March 08
Mickael Perron
February 08
Andy Pearson