Press Release, March 2010

Gifts with a tale to tell - recommends

These new premium spirits are evocative of times and legends past: vodka from a 13th century Swedish castle, another inspired by a 500 year old Czech herbal brew. and a slow-crafted London gin.  Higher alcoholic strength in our choice of rum and gin show a punchy dimension of power and flavour.
For a flavoursome short sip, a chilled chilli sambuca will crackle your tastebuds, whilst a velvety cassis cream liqueur bursts with fragrance.

  Purity Swedish vodka

  40% abv.  £43.49.

As the world's most awarded ultra premium vodka, Purity has won repeated gold medals.  It is small batch distilled from estate grown wheat, barley and pure water from the spring at the 13th century Ellinge Castle.  It has delicate tones of vanilla, chocolate and licorice and comes in an intriguing multi-faceted bottle.

  Babicka wormwood infused vodka

  40% abv.  £27.95.

Taking vodka to an adventurous new level, it claims to revive the magic of a 500 year old Czech witch's brew.  These babickas, wise old women, extolled the mystic curative qualities of wormwood and other herbs.  Hints of vanilla blend with caramel and aniseed.

  Bacardi 1909 superior rum limited edition

  44.5% abv.  £39.95.

Inspired by an original design created in Cuba 100 years ago, this Bacardi white rum expression is a collector's item for every aficionado of finest daiquiri cocktails.

  Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin

  43.5% abv.  £30.49.

The name harks back to the gin tax in the reign of King George II in the early 18th century.  Slow distillation in a 100 year old supreme John Dore still, longer steeping of botanicals, and resting the liquid for at least three weeks are amongst the secrets of its master distiller.

  Antica Chilli flavoured sambuca

  38% abv.  £19.89.

Flavoured sambuca is all the fashion.  This classic style adds a flavour that's daringly hot but lovingly lingering.

  Gabriel Boudier Cassis Cream

  16% abv.  £15.99.

This well known French liqueur house has created a silky recipe combining rich blackcurrant flavours with the luxury of cream.  Sip it chilled on ice.

  Q Tonic

  4 x 187ml bottles. £10.95.

Natural Peruvian quinine has long been proven by herbalists to improve circulation and accelerate digestion.  Q balances sharpness with gently rounded sweetness and is one for enjoying on its own or in a G&T.

A wide range of new gift boxes from as little as £2 extra, are easy to select for your choice of wines and spirits.  Choose from a simple classic red tapered carton to flamboyant faux metallic leather or red snakeskin.

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