Responsible Drinking Policy
1. Entry is via purchase of a valid Bibulous ticket. Members of the press, and invited named guests will be admitted only at organisers' discretion. Entry is strictly for over 18s only, and ID may be required. There are no facilities for those under 18 to wait in the event area. 2. Bibulous is an experience where the provision of knowledge and tasting of alcohol products are the key focus. The event is geared to learning and sampling in an environment assisted by experts. 3. Bibulous management and the venue stewards and security teams will be vigilant that visitors are drinking within an acceptable norm of behaviour. Exhibitors are also asked to be vigilant. Visitors and exhibitors who do not comply may be asked to leave the event. Bibulous event organizers & Vinopolis will have the ultimate decision. 4. Samples will be poured at the exhibitors' tables to a standard measure. The entry ticket price includes total samples which should not exceed 125ml (equivalent to 2.5 'double measure' alcoholic drinks). Due to the different alcoholic strength of drinks, this total quantity does not directly relate to 'units of alcohol'. Visitors will also have the opportunity to purchase taster size cocktails. Controlled advance ticketed packages will also be available. 5. The event is marketed as a sophisticated, educational environment. 6. Food is not a feature of the event. Visitors are encouraged to eat in the dining outlets within Vinopolis, and at venues around the nearby Borough Market area. 7. General health & safety measures will be to the standard of all professionally run events at the venue. This includes the level of stewarding, security, stand maintenance and clearance of debris by the show organisers and by exhibitors in their own table areas. Exhibitors / hosts should notify the event organisers immediately of any dilapidations to their tables or equipment which has been provided by the event; especially if it may affect the safety of visitors.

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