Wines & Champagne


Choose from an extensive range of the world's best known marques and the harder to find boutique Champagnes and rarer vintages.
Sparkling & Cava

A wide choice of bubbly favourites from Faustino and Friexenet to the outstanding Cloudy Bay Pelorus Vintage.
Red Wine

A superb choice of intelligently chosen red wines from around the world, that includes the superb range from emporia2, exclusively available from TheDrinkShop.
White Wine

An excellent choice of classic grape varieties, vintages and producers from the old and new worlds of wine.


A fine range of ruby, tawny, white, late bottled vintage, crusted, vintage character (reserve), and vintage ports.

Choose from an extensive range of sherries from the pale, dry fino/manzanilla and the dark, full, dry oloroso sherries on offer.
Fruit & Ginger Wine

A long-standing tradition, predeominantly UK based where the most famous of brand names such as Crabbies and Stones still lead the market today.

Madiera and Muscat

Choose from fortified wines produced in the island of Maderia, Portugal where each wine is aged between 4 to 6 months in casks in a warm chamber and muscat wines made with the Muscat grape, a small type of grape that can be very sweet.
Mead & Tonic Wine

From the world-renowned Buckfast Tonic wine to the ever popular Sanatogen, and a delicious range of English Meads from Lurgashall.

Sake & Umeshu

Stocking both futsu-shu (normal sake) and premium tokutei meishoshu (special designation sake), distinguished by the degree to which the rice is polished and the added percentage of alcohol.