Phillips - Lovage Cordial - Old English Cordial 70cl Bottle


Phillips - Lovage Cordial
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70cl Bottle
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Savour this old English alcoholic cordial, originally distilled from Devon herbs and spices.

Using J.R Phillips' secret recipe, handed down through the generation as a timeless classic, and still one of Devon's most popular imbibes.

Traditionally drunk two parts Lovage to one of brandy as a soothing winter warmer, or if you prefer more of a kick, two parts brandy and one part lovage will set you up.

Category(s):     Cordial

Producer: Phillips
ABV:   5.3%
Brand:   Phillips
Country of Origin:   England


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4 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Sat, 15 Aug 2015
Review: I tried this with some very rough "cooking grade" Calvados and it made a very pleasant drink. When out of brandy I have used Whisky, never tried it with Gin, perhaps this winter!

Date of Review: Wed, 27 Oct 2010
Review: I could not agree with Vicky P more. Lovage mixed with brandy is a superb nightcap or after-dinner drink. I once invited a couple of neighbours to try it and they are now well and truly in love with Lovage taken with their favourite tipple.

Date of Review: Thu, 27 Nov 2008
Review: I tried Lovage many years ago and thought how under rated it really is! I add it to sloe gin, to make a delicious, comforting drink - not just for Christmas either!

Date of Review: Wed, 22 Feb 2006
Review: Lovage is one of the most underrated, and indeed unheard of, mixers known to mankind.
You can take the cheapest and nastiest brandy (yes even that stuff you only bought for xmas as great uncle Ernie likes one, for medicinal purposes) and just add a drop of this cordial to it. Your taste buds will be in heaven as you savour the sweet mellowness and honey like texture sliding down your throat.
I've only tasted it with brandy and it's brilliant as a winter warmer or just as a soothing, relaxer at the end of the day.

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