M. Chapoutier - Banyuls 2012-13 - Red Dessert Wine 6x 50cl Bottles


M. Chapoutier - Banyuls 2012-13
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50cl Bottles
Available 12th Mar 2016

Colour: from garnet red to mahogany according to the age.
Nose: powerful, balancing between black fruits and stewed fruits subtly brought by cocoa aromas.
Palate: sumptuous balance between the solar strength of the wine and the fineness of its tannins. It has a great persistency with sweetness which develops greedily.

Serve with chocolate fondant pudding or rich blue cheeses such as stilton.

Category(s):     Dessert Wine

Producer: M. Chapoutier   -   www.chapoutier.com
ABV:   16%
Appellation:   Banyuls
Brand:   M. Chapoutier
Country of Origin:   France
Grape Type:   Grenache/Garnacha
Region:   Rhone
Vintage:   2012-13
Winemaker:   Michel Chapoutier


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6x 50cl Bottles 12th Mar 2016 £ 74.87 £ 12.48 Add to BasketAdd to WishList

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Producer Information

'This amazing Portfolio represents some of the world's finest, most authentic, artisinal wines - it is an irrefutable fact that these are wines of singular greatness.' Robert Parker.
It was in 1991 that the 26 year old Michel assumed the role of wine maker which, overnight heralded a paradigm shift in the philosophy and direction which the company would adopt to revitalise the fortunes of the winery.
A man of dynamic energy, fuelled by an unbridled enthusiasm and an obsessive commitment to quality Michel's goal was; as it still is "Authenticity". A visonary, with no frontiers or prejudice, he focuses on respecting the intrinsic value of the legendary soils which fashion the slopes throughout the Rhone Valley and recognises the significance and the true meaning of the term AOC.
Michel's perception of quality, utilising the best of his grandfather's traditional techniques, has left an indelible stamp on vineyard management and winemaking at Chapoutier, and his relentless study of the world around him leads to the discovery of the finest materials, the best practices and the people with whom he can share these standards.
Whether in Banyuls, Roussillon, the Coteaux d'Aix or Australia, Michel's conspicuous efforts to raise the level of quality have driven him to undertake extensive geological research in order to fully understand and exploit the exceptional properties of these legendary terroirs.
"Great wines are made in the vineyards and not in the cellar. Indeed, we ought to go back to the earth, let the soil dictate. The winemaker must subordinate himself to the total terroir of his vineyard and let nature make the wine" explains Michel.
The 30 year old Syrah and Grenache vines enjoy healthy growing conditions due to the refreshing and cleansing effects of the Mistral winds.
Now being cultivated in accordance with Biodynamic farming practice and Michel Chapoutier's "savoir faire", the estate distinguishes itself by the concentration, suppleness and balance which the wines extol.
The silky tannins and long finish guarantee immense satisfaction when drinking now or wonderful promise for those who prefer a more mature style.
Back in 1994, the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for viticulture and wine making drove Michel to embark upon the restoration and development of the beautiful domaine situated in the heart of the Coteaux-d'Aix en Provence known as the Domaine des Beates.
Bathed in Provencale sunshine and benefiting from biodynamic culture for the past 10 years, the estate has become renowned for its geological diversity (soft chalk, sandstone, clay, marl and gravel) as well as its superb Syrah, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon vines averaging 45 years old.
But for Michel Chapoutier, the journey has only just begun. His relentless study of the "wine making business" took him on an eonoquest into the New World.
Engaging in debate wherever and whenever with leading lights on the international stage, he has since become a partner and wine maker at a domain in the state of South Australia where the vines are exposed to a sunny, dry climate refreshed by onshore pacific ocean breezes.
Wishing to remain loyal to the M.Chapoutier signature, the wines are driven by great finesse and elegance which demonstrate the character of the terroir.
New World wines, far from being an imitation of French wines, must be recognised above all else by their own indigenous identity and must reflect the spirit of the country from which they are so proudly produced.
Australia: 'Tournon Estate', their domain in the South Australia State is a 50 hectares vineyard cultivated with organic methods.
The climate, relatively cool for Australia, is characterized by exceptional sunshine during the day and particularly cool nights in summer.
The situation of proximity to the Great South Ocean regulates temperature in this region.
The mild and dry weather towards the end of the summer and in autumn allows them to obtain very good ripeness and high acidity levels which will favour long ageing.

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