Cloof - Lynchpin 2006 - Darling



Cloof - Lynchpin 2006
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The critical component - the lynchpin - in this blend is Cabernet Franc which gives the wine it's lip smacking, appetite inducing freshness. Against the background of taught elegance to be expected from Cabernet Franc, there is the tart richness of Merlot and the take-no-prisoners power of Cabernet Sauvignon.

The overall impression is gorgeous, with all the taut elegance to be expected from Cabernet Franc and the tart richness of Merlot. Barrel maturation took place in French Oak, of which about 75% was new, giving the wine a very classic (well-balanced) tannin structure.

We believe that Cabernet Franc plays the critically important role in this blend. It is therefore the lynchpin, hence the name of the wine.

Category(s):     Red Wine

Producer: Cloof Wines   -
ABV:   14.2%
Appellation:   Darling
Bio-Dynamic:   Yes
Brand:   Cloof Wines
Country of Origin:   South Africa
Food Pairings:   Barbequed or Grilled Beef
Food Pairings:   Stews
Food Pairings:   Toasted Walnuts
Grape Type:   Cabernet Sauvignon
Grape Type:   Cabernet Franc
Grape Type:   Merlot
Region:   Western Cape
Vintage:   2006
Winemaker:   Van Dieren & Kalumpie


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Producer Information

Established in 1998, Cloof Wine Estate is located in the Darling region of South Africa. Winemakers Christopher Van Dieren and Frederick Kalumpie are fast forging an enviable reputation for this forward thinking winery. They have also won many eco awards for their philosophy of sustainable farming. They have recently had to enlarge their cellar to cope with the growing interest in their wines.

You can read all about their biodiversity here...
We have partnered with CapeNature and proclaimed our natural remnants as a Voluntary Conservation Site with their Stewardship program and pledged to manage the veld in accordance to their conservation laws and ethics.

Since 2006, we have been reintroducing locally indigenous wildlife into the reserve including Eland, Bontebok, Zebra, Red Hartebees, Gemsbok and Springbok. Animals which were already there includes Grey Rhebuck, Grysbok, Duiker, Steenbok and several smaller predators such as Caracal, African wild cat, Honey Badger, the elusive Cape fox, bat-eared fox, yellow mongoose, striped polecat and Cape clawless otter.

Also occurring naturally is a variety of birds, reptiles and amphibians which are now also protected from persecution. Some of the endangered or protected species include blue cranes, secretary birds, black harriers and two tortoise species (i.e. angulate tortoise or rooipensskilpad and the parrot-beaked tortoise). The critically endangered geometric toroise use to occur in the area, but has gone extinct since the 90's. We are now working with CapeNature to try and restock the reserve.

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