Cognac La Gabare - Grande Champagne 1971 -30 years old - Grande Champagne 1971- 30 years old



Cognac La Gabare - Grande Champagne 1971 -30 years old
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La Gabare are the first producers of vintage Cognac to have been officially approved by the authorities. All Cognacs either come from state-controlled ORECO warehouses or their authenticity has been confirmed by Carbon 14 dating at the French National Scientific Research Institute, supported by customs documents. The origin, percentage of evaporation and ageing are all verified and certified by the French authorities.

This cognac was aged in a very dry cellar and has lost very little alcohol during its 30 year ageing process, producing some exceptionally intense aromas.

Nose:the glass should be warmed. A touch of cinnamon, Virginia tobacco, spices and liquorice. Traces of distillation, but which fade rapidly on swirling.

Palate: long and sweet with a hint of vanilla. The rancio develops later, giving an oily, rather rugged palate. The empty glass is woody but a little volatile.

Each bottle of La Gabare's Cognac de Collection bearing a vintage or age also carries a guarantee on the cork certifying that bottling of that particular Cognac took place in the presence of a bailiff.

Category(s):     Cognac & Brandy

Producer: Cognac La Gabare   -
ABV:   47.8%
Age:   30 Year Old
Brand:   Cognac La Gabare
Brandy Type:   Cognac
Cognac Region:   Grande Champagne
Country of Origin:   France
Vintage:   1971


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