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Krupnik - Old Honey Liqueur
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70cl Bottle
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Krupnik is an ancient Polish liqueur which traces its roots back to the 1300's. As such, it has been a traditional drink in Poland for centuries.

Despite its ancient pedigree, Krupnik's popularity has not faded in Poland, where it commands more than 10 percent of the liqueur market, according to a 1996 poll by the trade journal 'Rynki Alkoholowe'.

The skillful combining of a century-old tradition with modern production methods has produced an excellent liqueur, best drunk warm in the winter or on the rocks during the summer.

Krupnik (pronounced KROOP-neek), is made of natural wild bee's honey gathered in forests, and exotic spices. It has an outstanding honey-sweet taste and spicy bouquet with a strong, warming effect.

Once produced by the famous Baczewski Distillery of Lwow, Poland, Krupnik is produced today according to its original recipe by Starogard Distilleries of Gdansk.

Category(s):     Liqueur
Group(s):     Honey Flavoured
Producer: Sobieski Distillery   -
ABV:   40%
Brand:   Sobieski Distillery
Country of Origin:   Poland
Liqueur Type:   Herbal


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9 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Tue, 10 Apr 2012
Review: KrupnikCo offers a variety of different Krupnik spice packs that are delicious and an easay way to try the Polish tradition of making Krupnik at home. Just add your own honey, water, and vodka to their spice packs. Highly recommended!! If you are interested in Krupnik, you can make it at home and it is fantastic. Check out

Date of Review: Thu, 10 Feb 2011
Review: My favourite method of consumption for Krupnik is a long swig straight from the hip flask. Warming all the way down, with a strong smell of toffee banana, and a strong developed finish. I love it.

Date of Review: Fri, 18 Dec 2009
Review: Great stuff, I discovered it about 12 years ago when working in Poland, smooth honey flavour. Makes a particularly good remedy for colds and sore throats (or a good excuse for a few extra glasses).

Date of Review: Wed, 16 Sep 2009
Review: Agree with the reviews already posted, although not quite as enthusiastically perhaps ! It is a great liqueur with a gorgeous smooth honey flavour. Recommended.

Date of Review: Thu, 29 Nov 2007
Review: Been some time sinceIi've experienced the joys of Krupnik, but i've come back to specifically to buy a bottle. A beautiful drink - warm without being sharp, sweet without being cloying, and with the depth and development of the finest vodkas. More than worth the price.

Date of Review: Wed, 31 Jan 2007
Review: I agree with the two gentlemen above. I Got Krupnik because the store I went to didn't have any BECHEROVKA, a Czech herbal bitter drink that I buy so I have an excuse to get a buzz, since it is so good for digestion that it actually even helps my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)..seriously! Anyways, a past landlord (Old Polish dude) always had this at home and I would sneak upstairs and carp some from time to time, so since the store had it, I thought i'd giver a go. for my opinion, just read the first review, as I couldn't put it any better.

Date of Review: Sun, 22 Oct 2006
Review: Truly, this is the greatest secret of the alcoholic world nectar, plain and simple. We recommend it be imbibed in shot glass measures and NOT sipped, but rather dispatched in a single violent motion. This way, the sweet linctus slides smoothly and easily down the gullet. Nice enough, but now the sublime pleasure that is Krupnik will be experienced. A golden efulgence of warm sensation erupts spectacularly in the chest, radiating outwards to suffuse one's entire being with cosy contentment. Its akin to a turbo-charged dose of Benylin, only far more efficacious in the short term. This makes Krupnik a superb preparatory for vocalists or public speakers employed in moderation, of course. Alas, only a handful of UK bars have realised the potential of this potent potion luckily for me my local, The Ship in South Norwood High Street, happens to be one. Oh, joy! To miss out on the sensual splendour of Krupnik is to deprive yourself of a treat without compare. Try it!

Date of Review: Tue, 02 May 2006
Review: This stuff is amazing! The initial vodka kick is soothed by the sweet honey taste. Also excellent for making cocktails.

Date of Review: Tue, 19 Jul 2005
Review: I had had this many years ago when my mate had brought it back from Poland, and I was thrilled, but not suprised, to find it at thedrinkshop! I think this is so nice, I only drink it on the rocks.
It's a strong and sweet treat.

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Producer Information

Sobieski Distillery (Destylarnia Sobieski S. A.) in Starogard Gdański (former: Gdańsk Vodka Distillery, former Distillery "Polmos" in Starogard Gdański) dates back to the year 1846 when a merchant from Gdańsk, H.A. Winkelhausen, founded the Manufacturing Plant of Vodkas, Liqueurs and Brandies.
A quarter of a century later, in 1871, the first spirit rectification plant in the Pomeranian region was created.
Between World War I and II the manufacturing plant produced over 60 brands of alcohol.
In 1925 the Treasury purchased a part of the plant which operated within the frameworks of the State Spirit Monopoly.
A wholesale network was functioning before the outbreak of World War II.
During the Nazi occupation the factory produced mainly technical spirit for the army. Three months after the war, the plant resumed production, starting the denatured alcohol bottling section. It was rebuilt as part of one huge state enterprise associating all plants producing alcohol in Poland.

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