Havana Club - 3 Year Old - Vanilla Aromas 70cl Bottle


Havana Club - 3 Year Old
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70cl Bottle
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When sugar cane is ground it produces a thick, creamy, almost liquid substance, very rich in sugar, and of a beautiful amber colour. This is the molasses, traditionally called "honey". This "honey" is the main raw material, and its unique quality has given Cuban rum the prestige it has always enjoyed. A special yeast will be added to the purified, sterilised and diluted "honey" to initiate the fermentation process.

The fermented honey is now ready for the slow reflective process of evaporation and concentration which will take place in the distillation columns. The distillation process yields eau-de-vie and pure alcohol. The young eau-de-vie then begins its first maturing period in 180 litre barrels, where it remains for at least 18 months. The well-balanced blending of aged eau-de-vie, matured for at least 18 months, with sugar cane alcohol of the highest quality will produce the young rum, which will rest once more in white oak barrels, where it will remain for three years, hence its name: Anejo 3 years. Once the product has matured the expertise of the rum master will come into play in selecting and blending the barrels, and then the product will be rested and filtered to ensure uniform batches of 3 year old rum identical in aroma and taste.

3-year-old rum has a light straw colour. It has at once the luminous, light, syrupy look characteristic of aged rum. This Cuban rum has a sweet, woody smell with aromas of caramel and vanilla.

3-year-old rum is pleasant-tasting with a fresh, discreet flavour. A taste of vanilla with chocolate accents.

The three year old rum, excellent for cocktails, providing the cocktail with the distinctive characteristics of rum. It is also ideal for drinking on its own or with a few ice cubes.

Havana Club 3 years was awarded the silver medal in London in 1996 at the "The International Wine & Spirits Competition" when judged against the best rums in the world.

Category(s):     Rum
Group(s):     Father's Day Ideas ,   White Rum
Producer: Havana Club   -   www.havana-club.com
ABV:   40%
Age:   3 Year Old
Brand:   Havana Club
Country of Origin:   Cuba
Rum Style:   White


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4 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Wed, 31 Jul 2013
Review: If you drink bacardi give this try, you'll not look back. More flavour and elevates any cocktail to a higher level. The best white rum? certainly is for me.

Date of Review: Sun, 14 Nov 2010
Review: Makes the best El Presidente cocktails as recommended by the Pima bar at the Hilton. Superb.

Date of Review: Wed, 16 Sep 2009
Review: This rum is the best ive tried for Cuba Libre's. So nice and easy to drink.

Date of Review: Fri, 19 May 2006
Review: THE rum to use in your Pina Coladas, and any cocktails that call for a light rum. This aged rum adds a complexity and refinement to cocktails that I just don't feel you get with 'Blanco' rums.
I also use this in daiquiris although some feel the taste interferes with the 'cleanness' of the simple drink, I prefer the sweeter taste and complexity this rum offers.

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Producer Information

A glass of rum, a mint leaf, two ice cubes - The same story keeps repeating itself. The story with the same inseparable components: Cuba, sugar and rum.
Christopher Columbus' discovery of the New World introduced a new plant to Cuba: the sugar cane, already acclimatised by the Spanish in the Canary Islands.
The first cane plants, an original variety carried in the caravels of Christopher Columbus on his second voyage in 1493 and immediately planted in Cuba, germinated vigorously and rapidly produced exceptional crops with a high sugar content.
"Your Majesty, the sugar canes, the few that were planted there, have taken." (A letter from Christopher Columbus to their Catholic Majesties, January 1494).
The sugar cane found an ideal home in Cuba. In the 19th century, influenced by the Spanish Monarchy's search for a more refined rum to please the palate of the elite of the Empire, a new quality of rum was developed in Cuba, said to be superior and called "El Ron Superior".
The island produced the finest cane alcohol for the preparation of rum.
This new drink became an integral part of Cuban life. It was in this context that in 1878, Havana Club rum was born, at the same time as the Cuban music whose rhythms are so popular today.
Derived from this plant, rum is a cheerful drink, so closely identified with the country's economic activity that Cubans of all walks of life and all races honour it as much as their flag.
"Cuban single cane": The use of this generic expression to describe Cuban rum did not occur by chance. Cuban rum is made of a single raw material, fresh cane sugar molasses, with a high aroma and sucrose content that gives Havana Club rum its unique bouquet.
The production of Cuban rum is based on an old, well-established tradition in which time, natural maturing in oak casks and the favourable climate of Cuba comprise an old ritual.
Havana Club rum is matured naturally, with no artificial acceleration. This is the best guarantee of the quality of the finished product.
Maturing is vitally important for the entire range, from Silver Dry, based on aguardiente and matured for 18 months in casks, to the Havana Club 7 years old. Rum takes its natural colour from old American white oak casks that have already been used for manufacturing Bourbon. The storehouses of Santa Cruz del Norte, where the great Havana Club rums mature, are ideally situated, close to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream so dear to the writer Ernest Hemingway, a connoisseur of rum and authentic Cuban cocktails. They enjoy unique conditions, bathed in the warm coastal air, with regular humidity levels and generous tropical sunshine. "Santa Cruz del Norte enjoys all the benefits of its island situation, thanks to the proximity of the marine current which moderates the temperature, the land and sea breezes and the regular climate".
Fernando Campoamor, historian of Cuban rum and a personal friend of Hemingway.

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