Onder De Boompjes - Young Genever - Light Bodied



Onder De Boompjes - Young Genever
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Creamer than it is malty. The 35% abv is noticeable at first on account of the lighter mouthfeel which builds as an oiliness enters mid-palate.

Juniper is restrained and aside from the vanilla, it is not until the slightly spicy finish that the botanicals assert dominance over the moutwijn.

This spiciness is well received, and adds bite to a spirit that might head too far down the sweet avenue with both moutwijn and vanilla contributing.

The ingredients are crystal clear Hunzedal spring water, a hefty dose of 10% quadruple distilled malt wine, and the finest wheat alcohol you can find.

This product is fully crafted in Schiedamwithout any additives or sugars.

Category(s):     Gin & Genever
Group(s):     Genever
Producer: Sylvius   -   www.sylviusgin.eu
ABV:   35%
Body:   Light Bodied
Brand:   Sylvius
Country of Origin:   Holland
Gin Style:   Distilled
Master Distiller:   Onder De Boompjes
Type:   Genever
Website:   www.sylviusgin.eu


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