Bushmills - 1608 400th Anniversary - Single Malt & Grain Blend 70cl Bottle


Bushmills - 1608 400th Anniversary
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70cl Bottle
Available 14th Feb 2016

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On 20th April 1608, A licence was granted to Sir Thomas Phillips to "make, draw and distil 'uisce beatha' within the territory called the Rowte in County Antrim.

This original Grant to distil is the first official written evidence of whiskey-making in the Bushmills area. It was a fitting tribute to the reputation that this small and remote region of Ireland had earned for the quality of its "Water of Life" - or what would later be called whiskey.

Four hundred years later, this royal license speaks of a place where the knowledge of how to create, craft and perfect whiskey has been passed down through generations to become part of the fabric of life. A place where this unique distilling tradition still lives on today, at the old Bushmills Distillery.

Bushmills Irish whiskey is the original and best known whisky from the Old Bushmills Distillery, the oldest licensed whisky distillery in the world. Its is a blend of single malt and single grain whiskey.

Grain whiskey reserved for Bushmills is aged a minimum of five years in oak casks that are specially selected to bring out the golden hue and light. When mature this grain whiskey is blended with a single malt whiskey to balance the flavour.

The malt used in Bushmills mash derives its clean taste from the deliberate absence of peat used in the barley drying process. Irish whiskey distilleries kiln-dry their malt in a heat-fired, not peat-fired, oven. Lighter, no smoke and perfectly balanced, Bushmills is triple distilled for exceptional smoothness.

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Producer: Bushmills Distillery   -   www.bushmills.com
ABV:   46%
Brand:   Bushmills
Country of Origin:   Northern Ireland
Distillery:   Bushmills


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Producer Information

The Old Bushmills Distillery is the world's oldest licensed whiskey distillery having received its licence to distil in 1608. In 1608 Sir Thomas Phillips was granted a licence to distil whiskey by James 1 of England, however, mentions of distilling traditions in the surrounding environs date back to 1276.
The Co Antrim village has a long and illustrious history of whiskey production. Stories tell us that the troops of King Henry II of England were more than happy to discover the unique taste of Irish whiskey. Unable to pronounce the Gaelic 'Uisce Beatha' (Water of Life), they shortened it to 'Fuisce' and finally to Whiskey.
Within a few short years after 1608, London society was paying tribute to the quality of the whiskey produced at the Old Bushmills Distillery. The Irish spirit was a favourite among the revellers of British King James' court. In 1784 the Distillery became an officially registered company.
From 1740s to 1910 Irish emigrants to the USA spread their taste for Bushmills.During these years the Bushmills family scored outstanding successes at International spirit and whiskey competitions.
The company flourished until Prohibition in America and other factors, which destroyed the whiskey export trade in Ireland. Although many of the Irish distilleries were forced to close, Bushmills was able to recover thanks to the vision of the then distillery director Wilson Boyd. He correctly anticipated the end of the American alcohol ban and had ample stocks of his fine whiskey ready for export.
In 1947 Isaac Wolfson of Great Universal Stores bought the Old Bushmills Distillery. Wolfson's friend, the infamous Colonel Henry Kaplan formed a new wholesale operation in the USA, Quality Importers Inc. and heavily promoting Bushmills for seventeen years and even listed Bushmills in the celebrated '21' club.
Since then, Bushmills has flourished abroad, as well as at home, and has become the sipping whiskey for the discerning drinker looking for an original choice.

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