Jax Coco - Coconut Water 24 x 330ml Case - 100% Pure



Jax Coco - Coconut Water 24 x 330ml Case
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Jax Coco is a 100% natural coconut water extracted from premium young coconuts at their optimal stage of growth.

The extracted coconut water undergoes a micro-filtering process to ensure its smooth taste and is subsequently flash-heated to preserve its nutritional profile.

With no fat, cholesterol or added sugar, Jax Coco is refreshing, natural and pure just like the coconuts it came from.

Category(s):     Soft Drinks
Group(s):     Jax Coco
Producer: Jax Coco   -   www.jaxcoco.com
Brand:   Jax Coco
Country of Origin:   Philippines


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Producer Information

The Jax Coco story began in Asia after four coconut water enthusiasts - Jane, Jason, Alex and Max - noticed that while there were plenty of young coconuts (and even more coconut water lovers), there didn't seem to be any coconut water products packaged for easy consumption. In Asia, coconut water has traditionally been drunk straight from the nut.

Envisioning a product that could make coconut water more prevalent in an industry filled with sugary sodas and artificial beverages, the four coconut water devotees, who all incidentally had the letters J, A or X in their names, formed the Jax Team - a group with the intention to produce the freshest and best coconut water in Asia.

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