Ocho - Blanco Los Mangos 2010 - Serve Chilled



Ocho - Blanco Los Mangos 2010
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Colour: Bright , clear , thick on the glass.

Nose: Buttery, lively fruit as in plum eau de vie with cinnamon and marzipan accents, sweet and dry at the same time.

Palate: Starts sweet, goes buttery, accents of cut grass, pepper, alcohol, ripe tropical fruits, ends with butterscotch.

Category(s):     Tequila & Mescal
Group(s):     100% Agave ,   Blanco
Producer: Ocho
ABV:   40%
Brand:   Ocho
Country of Origin:   Mexico
Grade:   100% Agave
Region:   Jalisco
Style:   Bianco
Type:   Tequila


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Producer Information

Ocho, an estate-grown, 100% Blue Agave Tequila range produced as a collaboration between by Tequila aficionado Tomas Estes and renowned distillers, the Camarena family - and the first brand ever to bear a 'Tequila vintage'.
As interest in the category continues to gather pace, Ocho is set to be one of the most exciting Tequila releases to date - not least for the association with Estes, official Tequila Ambassador to the European Union and founder of the Cafe Pacifico group of bar-restaurants.
Not unlike the labelling of fine wines, Ocho's 'Tequila vintage' signifies the exact year or harvest and location of the Agave plants that the spirit was derived from, underlining the finely balanced relationship between the terroir and quality of raw materials.
Ocho Blanco can be traced back to Rancho La Rivera, where the soil is similar to that of the Tequila valley, while for the Reposado, the agave has been harvested from the typically rich brown soil of the Los Altos region of Jalisco -from Rancho El Vergel.
The idea of a 'Tequila vintage' may be new and unique to the category, but the small- batch production methods are age old and artisanal. Ocho Tequila is 100% natural, crafted slowly and with care.
The Ocho brand offers a guarantee of heritage, quality and value. The Blanco and Reposado will be available in 50cl bottles, and will appeal to bars and restaurants looking to offer customers the flavour of traditional and authentic Tequila, backed up by contemporary packaging that handles and pours with ease and comfort.
This is a Tequila range that has a unique story to tell. Not only does the brand name represent the 8th, and final, attempt at the ultimate recipe, the producers themselves are in their 8th decade of Tequila production and 8 years is the average age at which Ocho's Agave is harvested.
While the Blanco is un-aged, giving a ripe and citrusy flavour, Ocho's Reposado has been rested for precisely 8 weeks and 8 days for the unparalleled smoothness and complexity which mark a truly great sipping Tequila.
In a further similarity to fine wine, Ocho Tequila has been found to develop in the glass; releasing subtle nuances of nose and flavour that entice the drinker to keep coming back to experience more and more with every sip.
Tomas Estes comments: 'I have been serving Tequila and Tequila drinks since 1976 in 5 European countries and Australia. Tequila Muestro Numero Ocho [recipe number eight] is both rewarding and satisfying when sipped and savoured straight as well as in a mixed drink or cocktail such as a Margarita.'

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