Asbach - Privatbrand Aged 8 Years - German Brandy 70cl Bottle


Asbach - Privatbrand Aged 8 Years
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70cl Bottle
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As long ago as 1908, Hugo Asbach created the unmistakable Asbach Privatbrand - initially, strictly limited and exclusively for family and friends.

Asbach Privatbrand is a composition of the finest single distillates. The youngest of them is at least 8 years old. The distillates are matured in small limousine oak barrels and later on in bigger casks of German oak. Finally, after the marriage of the single distillates, the cuvee is enobled by the secret Asbach maturing and refining process.

Asbach Privatbrand owes its unique and incomparabley smooth taste to the distillation of selected wines only from the best wine-growing areas.

Its full-bodied, mellow taste and distinctive amber colour make it a truly unique experience.

Colour: Dark amber.

Nose: Decidedly fruity with notes of bitter chocolate and cedar wood.

Palate: Full-bodied and very spicy, a well developed flavour of fruits with background notes of almonds and spices.

Finish: Very long, with full-bodied, aromatic and ripe notes.

Category(s):     Cognac & Brandy

Producer: Asbach   -
ABV:   40%
Body:   Full Bodied
Brand:   Asbach
Brandy Type:   Brandy
Country of Origin:   Germany
Oak Cask Type:   Limousin


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Producer Information

Hugo Asbach, merchant and distiller, founded Asbach & Co. in Rudesheim on the Rhine on 11th May, 1892. A legend is born as the then 24-year old sets up a business with just two stills. Hermann Asbach, one of the three sons of Hugo Asbach, who is later become the owner of Asbach, is born in Rudesheim on March 18th, 1894. Expansion of the firm when the Albert Sturm family of wine merchants joins.This gives the firm the economic means to produce a brandy able to prevail in the seemingly all-powerful competition from France. During World War I, it is decided in 1917 that Asbach Uralt cannot be supplied to private customers in order to guarantee the rations of the German navy. Only pharmacies can still be supplied.
Hugo Asbach dies at the age of 67 on July 24th, 1935. Following Hugo Asbach's death, his two sons Hermann and Rudolf Asbach and their uncle, Franz Boltendahl, take over management of the firm.
Asbach is one of the very first firms to use the new medium of television for its advertising. Everyone knows the slogan "Asbach Uralt - the perfect way to celebrate" and it becomes a household name. The firm of Asbach celebrates its 100th anniversary. A century in the service of enjoyment comes to an end.
The firm has every reason to celebrate as it looks back on its long tradition and forward to a new millennium. In March 2002, Semper idem Underberg AG acquire 100% of Asbach GmbH.

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