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LOUIS ROEDERER - Cristal 2004
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Created in 1876 for Czar Alexander II, this is a Champagne at it's finest, as inspired today as it has always been, the embodiment of elegance and purity.

Cristal is made according to the strictest criteria based on a drastic process of selection applying to the vintage, the cru, the village, the grapes and finally the wines.

Only Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes from the House's 10 most celebrated crus are used in the production of this legendary cuvee.

Did you know that Loius Roederer Cristal is the only Champagne to have a flat bottom? It's because the Czar was paranoid that somebody was going to assasinate him, by putting a bomb into the punt (recess) of a bottle of Champagne. The design was therefore changed to a flat bottomed bottle.

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Category(s):     Champagne
Producer: Louis Roederer   -   www.champagne-roederer.com
ABV:   12%
Brand:   Louis Roederer
Champagne Style:   Prestige Cuvee
Champagne Style:   Vintage
Country of Origin:   France
Vintage:   2004


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3 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Mon, 10 Sep 2012
Review: My favourite champagne. I\'m not a huge champagne fan but this one is really light and fresh, very easy to drink.

Date of Review: Wed, 24 Feb 2010
Review: Well where can one start mmm? This stuff is just fantastic chilled on ice, perfecto! Every time I open a bottle of the stuff one feels like some sort of celebrity :) Brill.

Date of Review: Tue, 25 Apr 2006
Review: its a great champagne

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Producer Information

Louis Roederer is one of the last family-owned independent Champagne Houses, it was founded in 1776.
Under the direction of Louis Roederer, between 1832 and 1870, the house gained top-ranking with world-wide sales of 2.5m bottles, including 390,000 in the USA and 660, 000 in Russia where Louis Roederer champagne was an outstanding success.
In 1876, Louis Roederer II who had succeeded his father created the Cristal cuvee for Tsar Alexander II.

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