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Newly refined La Fee Parisienne - Absinthe Superieure - using 100% natural ingredients, in collaboration with Marie-Claude Delahaye, founder and curator of the French Absinthe Museum.

The level of Grand wormwood [Artemisia Absinthium] in the distillation has been increased by 60% and the Green and Star Anise has been slightly softened. This allows the more delicate herbs to emerge, such as fennel, coriander and hyssop. The natural colour is obtained through the maceration of herbs in spirit.

To protect the all-natural Parisienne we have coated with a special UV inhibitor to protect the liquid against sunlight, which can quickly damage natural green.

Classic absinthe serve: Pour four to six parts iced water - to one part absinthe - over a sugar cube placed on an absinthe spoon.

Stainless steel La Fee Absinthe spoon included with every bottle.

Category(s):     Absinthe
Producer: La Fee   -
ABV:   68%
Brand:   La Fee
Country of Origin:   France


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4 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Thu, 14 Jun 2012
Review: I will disagree with all the reviews here and say. THIS IS THE WORST I HAVE TRIED. I have no idea how this is endorsed by the Absinthe Museum, it is nasty. Very poor louche, unbalanced flavour. The effects are quite strong, but leaves a nasty burn in your head after a couple of glasses. I know it\'s hard to afford the finer bottles, but it\'s worth saving up for. Do yourself a favour and have patience so that you can have a real absinthe experience. This is just mass produced pap, probably containing colourings.

Date of Review: Fri, 30 Sep 2011
Review: Le Fee was the very first absinthe I ever tried specifically the Parisian, I have had all their variations and I still find this one to be the most classy. It tastes amazing, it\'s aroma is wonderful. In terms of brands Le Fee is number one hands down. As for the guy who who posted that he drinks it in shot form, he is full of it, ask yourself this do you like straight shots of 151 or Ever Clear because Absinthe is about 140 proof most alcohols are 80-90 some vodkas teeter on the edge of 100.

Date of Review: Tue, 18 Nov 2008
Review: I found this easier to drink without the sugar and water, has a strong liquorice flavour which really does spur the evening on. Fantastic for shots, recommend a practice first through! La Fee is a recognised brand and was the first to start producing absinthe after being re-legalised, a safe bet for the real thing.

Date of Review: Mon, 10 Dec 2007
Review: This is the first absinthe that I've tried, and it's the reason I still drink it! It has a lovely flavour and aroma, and is very drinkable even without adding the sugar and water. I would recommend this to everyone, especially those who want to try absinthe for the first time, since its fairly cheap to get the 50cl bottle, compared to other brands that can easily be over 30~35 pounds.

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