Knockeen Hills - Extra-Gold Strength 90% - Irish Poteen 50cl Bottle


Knockeen Hills - Extra-Gold Strength 90%
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50cl Bottle
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2006 International Wine & Spirit Competition. SILVER Medal (Best in Class). Traditional Irish Whey Distillate solely used.

Distillate. The Traditional Irish Whey Distillate results in a totally unique and remarkably soft delivery of the spirit on the palate, and an outstanding smooth finish. Knockeen Hills has achieved outstanding provenance as they are the only Irish Poteens produced, using Irish Whey dIstilled spirit.

Colour. Clear.

Nose. Densely fruity, immediately attractive and appealing citrus zest mingles with summer fruit aromas. At various times melon, pear drops, grape fruit, raspberry and boiled sweets emerge.

Taste. With plenty of water this makes a refreshing long drink. Drunk neat, this exceptionally very high volume quadruple distilled Irish spirit naturally provides an overwhelming kick and is certainly not recommended to ever take it in this fashion! However, when substantially diluted with the usual range of mixers the complexity is overwhelming, as is the case, when used as a substitute cocktail spirit base. It is truly in a category of its own. See

Flavour: Warming and peppery, the initial shock subsides and a balanced fruitiness shows through. With water the middle taste is longer and reveals more fruit.

Finish. Long lingering and warming, with a dry and spicy tail.

Overview. It has all the characteristics of old fashioned Irish Poteen and would be appreciated by pureists. Like the less strong poteens in this range, it is remarkably smooth very versatile in making smooth cocktails and has no 'after taste' burn.

Category(s):     Poteen
Group(s):     St Patrick's Day
Producer: Knockeen Hills   -
ABV:   90%
Brand:   Knockeen Hills
Country of Origin:   Eire
Gluten Free:   Yes
Vegetarian:   Yes


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4 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Sat, 02 Aug 2008
Review: My friends and I have purchased this every summer for the past 4 years. It's fantastic. Makes the ultimate summer cocktails, and at parties, is the ideal drinking game. Poteen face! Get everyone to have a shot and then face the camera. 5/5 or two thumbs up!

Date of Review: Mon, 11 Feb 2008
Review: Bought for a hip flask, had a smell of it before I filled the flask, and already felt light-headed! You can feel it travelling down your throat to your gut, it's strong stuff! Great flavour to it once you get used to the strength, fun for small shots! Recommended!

Date of Review: Wed, 29 Aug 2007
Review: Wow! This is powerful stuff. I tried a small shot neat - and felt it travel the entire length of my body! Even my hard drinking buddy couldnt take more than one shot neat. For the more sane amongst us it does make a useful cocktail base; I found that where vodka based cocktails tend to mask the presence of the alcohol, using Poteen in its place makes the alcohol kick much more prevalent and detectable.
Definitely try it, if only for the experience.

Date of Review: Tue, 19 Jul 2005
Review: After visiting the London International Wine and Spirit Fair and sampling some, I was clicking BUY BUY BUY on thedrinkshop as soon as I got back home. This is obviously a spirit to be respected with its high abv %, but it truly is a stunning Pocheen. Although unadvised I tried it neat and the effects were interesting, my whole body started to tingle and I could feel it spreading down my legs. Since then I've used it in some amazing champagne cocktails.
Ed - Let's hope they win a rich medal!

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