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DALE DE GROFF - The Craft Of The Cocktail
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Published in the USA in the suumer of 2003, The Craft of the Cocktail has now been substantially revised and updated to create the first UK edition.

The Craft of the Cocktail is a book about the fundamentals: practical and good fun but serious about quality and passionate about great drinks. It is the most informative and entertaining drinks books ever written and it is destined to be a classic of our time.

Art Deco in style, the book has been designed as a classic but is laid out as a practical, quick and easy reference tool. The glossy hardback is split into 3 main sections with detailed photography and step-by-step instructions.

The first chapter cuts through the hype of cocktail culture putting it into its historic context, with a succinct history from mid 1800's America through to it's current revival.

The second covers the essentials: ice, muddling, juicing, ingredients, glasses and how to recreate Dale's signature flaming orange garnish.

The heart of the book is an A-Z of over 500 of Dale's favourite cocktails with easy-to-follow recipes, including classics like the Manhattan, Martini and Mojito, as well as many of Dale's own creations for bars around the world. Dale shows us how to get creative with drinks like Dale?s Absolutely Guaranteed Aphrodisiac, his legendary Oyster Shooter as well as how to make popular dinks, like the Cosmopolitan, properly.

Sprinkled throughout are stories from Dale's days 'behind bars', serving celebrities and regulars at America's last great supper club, the Rainbow Room, New York, tailor making cocktails for events from Hawaii to London and beyond and discovering the interest and invention of Britain's bars and bartenders.

The section is also packed with practical advice and tips, like 10 ways to make a Bloody Mary taste different, how to jivvy up a Bellini with fresh peach puree and prosecco and how to serve up a rich winter punch with chocolate and Cognac.

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Producer: Proof Publishing   -   www.CraftOfTheCocktail.com
Author:   Dale DeGroff
Brand:   Proof Publishing


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