Bocchino - Gran Moscato - Grappa 70cl Bottle


Bocchino - Gran Moscato
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70cl Bottle
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The Gran Moscato is the first single grape variety grappa based on the Moscato d'Asti grape giving a sweet flavour and fragrant nose.

Bocchino has the oldest distillery in Piedmonte dating to 1898.

Category(s):     Grappa
Producer: Bocchino
ABV:   40%
Brand:   Bocchino
Country of Origin:   Italy
Grape Type:   Moscato d'Asti


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Producer Information

The Bocchino Distillery was founded by Carlo Bocchino in Canelli, Italy in 1898. Antonella and Carlo, who grew up hearing about grapes, vintages, and soil from their grandparents and the local villagers, is the fourth generation of the family to produce grappa. The Bocchino Distillery was the first grappa producer to age grappa. The Bocchino family today is still among the leading grappa producers in all of Italy and its products can be seen in almost every "bar" in Italy.
Bocchino still primarily uses the alambic (single pot still) distillation process. The skins are placed in a large copper kettle, which is heated very slowly, the resulting steam is captured through a series of tall pipes. The liquid trapped in these pipes is split in three parts. The 1/3 or "head" and bottom 1/3 or "tail" of the distillation is taken away from the final product. Beyond the copper pipes is a series of copper in which the pure grappa is trapped. This is the product that is then bottled and labeled "Antonella Bocchino" grappa.
Because the Bocchino facility is in Piemonte and the grape products are all Piemontese, Bocchino has been acknowledged as the leading distiller in Piedmont. In fact, many Piemontese wineries send their grape products to Bocchino to distill grappa that they then commercialize under their name.

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