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Cracovia - Supreme
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Cracovia Vodka is luxury unflavoured vodka with a personality of it's own, reflected in it's name and it's elegant presentation. It took first place in the Polish Agriculture and Food Ministry's competition for the most interesting alcoholic beverage of 1996, It was awarded the Export Opportunity Certificate at the 13th Food Products Trade Fair in 1997, and the Silver Mallow (1997) and Gold Mallow (1998) in Poland's National Ranking by Consumers of Goods and Services.

Cracovia Vodka is also an idea for winning another place for Polish vodka on foreign markets, this time for a brand with a beautiful and distinctive Polish image which can hold it's own on store shelves and in bars, restaurants and hotels around the world.

Cracovia Vodka genuine Polish vodka, has already made a splash abroad. It won the main award for the most interesting design in the annual competition organised by the prestigious London journal Wine and Spirit International in the white spirits category, and an honourable mention in the International Spirits Challenge 1998, an international tasting competition for alcoholic drinks, held in Great Britain.

Cracovia Vodka is above all a new way of thinking about the future.

The Polish drinks market is flooded with products but not all of them can be thought of as brands. Beverages appear and quickly pass from the scene. Few win a firm place; most dissapear unnoticed by the majority of customers.

Cracovia Vodka is a brand, a permanent element of the market.

Category(s):     Vodka
Group(s):     Organic ,   Plain Vodka
Producer: Polmos   -
ABV:   42%
Brand:   Polmos
Country of Origin:   Poland
Grain:   Rye


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Producer Information

The history and tradition of Polmos Torun dates back to 1884.
At the end of the 19th century little amounts of rectified potato spirit were manufactured in Torun and the production capacity did not change at the beginning of the 20th century. H.A. Winkelhausen Incorporated Company established in 1923 operated until 19th August 1925 when it was compulsorily taken over by the State Treasury and simultaneously handed over to the control of the State Monopoly of Spirit Industry. The production of potato spirit and grain alcohol was maintained and the quality of the products improved considerably.
Towards the end of the 70's Torun Establishment underwent a thorough modernisation. Essential elements of the production system were replaced and in 1986 a vodka bottling plant and a factory of low-alcohol creams were opened in Polmos Torun. At that time the company operated as a unit within the business structure of Polmos Enterprise of Spirit Industry in Warsaw. The company opened the production of vodkas made by all Polmos firms according to the same formula including: Extra nytnia, Wyborowa Vodka, Krakus, Polonaise, Luksusowa Vodka. The said products as well as lemon and orange creams found approval among the consumers.
After 1991 much emphasis was put on the creation of original recipes that would distinguish the company. Therefore, the company started the production of totally new alcoholic drinks, most of which were met with appreciation and even distinguished during prestigious consumer fairs both at home and abroad.
Today Polmos Torun enjoys a good reputation and is in high repute.

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