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Schweppes - Indian Tonic Water
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Clear, crisp and refreshing in a tall glass with ice and a slice of lemon, or as the ever-popular 'G and T'.

Many other cocktails also rely on Schweppes Tonic for that certain 'fizz'.

Schweppes started producing tonic in the 1870s. It was soon popular with the British in India, as it contains quinine, which was used as a preventative measure against malaria.

The amount of quinine in today's Schweppes Tonic is too small to have any medicinal effect, but it is still highly regarded throughout Europe for its unique taste and style.

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Producer: Schweppes   -
Brand:   Schweppes
Country of Origin:   England


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Producer Information

Jacob Schweppe can be considered as the father of the modern carbonated soft drinks industry: he was the first to produce carbonated mineral water on a commercial scale. From the formation of the Schweppes company in 1783 until today, Schweppes has continued to provide consumers around the world with high quality carbonated drinks. Schweppes today produces over fifty different flavours and is available throughout the world to provide delicious refreshment for the more discerning drinker. Perhaps the most famous Schweppes flavour is Indian Tonic Water which is the perfect accompaniment to gin or superbly refreshing served straight over ice with a slice of lemon.
Confidence, sophistication, maturity and humour have characterised Schweppes since the early 1900s. As in Jacob's day, advertising and promotion play a key role in continuing the popularity of Schweppes. Campaigns such as the mythical land of 'Schweppeshire' created in the 1950s and 'Schhh...You-Know-Who' in the 1960's are still well known and loved. More recently, 'Clive' the talking leopard extols the virtues of his favourite drink in an engaging campaign running in Europe and Australia.

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