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Hapsburg - Ritual Matches
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Hapsburg's ritual matches for the absinthe enthusiast.

Limited stock.

Category(s):     Bar & Cocktail Equipment

Producer: Chateau des Rontets   -   www.chateaurontets.com
Equipment:   Absinthe Paraphernalia


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Date of Review: Thu, 14 Jun 2012
Review: People should know that setting fire to a beautiful drink such as Absinthe is almost sinful. Most nice Absinthe doesn\'t even require sweetening, and definitely not burning! Absinthe is best appreciated at very low temperatures and with a fresh, cool taste. I do sometimes use sugar, but burning absinthe is just a party trick and is not how the drink was intended to be enjoyed.

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Producer Information

Today the Chateau des Rontets estate includes a Clos of 5,6 hectares in the lieu-dit Les Rontets and a plot of half a hectare in the former lieu-dit Pierrefolle, both within the district of Fuisse.

The estate also includes half a hectare in the lieu-dit Cote de Besset, within the district of Saint-Amour.

Chateau des Rontets produces three cuvEes of Pouilly-Fuisse and one of Saint-Amour.

All its wines are certified organic.

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