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Born of the primeval tropical rainforests along the Gulf of Mexicao, the aincient Totanacs considered vanilla a gift from the gods and used it in ritual drinks.

Stolen by the Aztecs, it was blended with chocolate to create a powerful aphrodisiac - served only to royalty and offered to the gods.

From these exotic origins, the Gaya family has created Xanath, a smoothly sensuous liqueur derieved from the region's finest vanilla - cultivated and cured in a time-honoured family tradition. What's more, vanilla is a totally sustainable, rainforest freindly plant, still grown by the Totonacs in the manner of their ancestors, and is endorsed by Patricia Rain, anthropologist, vanilla expert and the author of 'Vanilla Cookbook.'

Xanath is one of the few all natural vanilla products available today. Now you can experience Mexico's treasured past in contemporary style.

Enjoy Xanath Creme de Vanilla served at room temprature, over ice, as ablended drink, in delectable desserts or as a cocktail ingredient.

Category(s):     Liqueur
Group(s):     ,   Chocolate/Cacoa Liqueurs ,   Vanilla Flavoured

ABV:   19%
Brand:   None
Country of Origin:   Mexico


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