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20ml Bottle
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The beneficial effect of Underberg is the result of the potency of selected aromatic herbs from 43 countries - worldwide after a good meal.

Two things contribute to Underberg's distinctive character: it's unique beneficial digestive effect and the unmistakable portion-sized bottle, wrapped in straw-paper. Convenient, practical and always exactly the right quantity for well-being. Underberg has indeed become worldwide the symbol for well-being.

Underberg is produced from selected and aromatic herbs from 43 countries, which undergo vigorous initial laboratory inspections and is based on a secret Underberg family recipe whose members are personally responsible for blending the herbs. When necessary, the herbs are carefully cut immediately before preparation. This guarantees optimum effectiveness and the full aromatic flavour using the secret 'Semper idem' process. This ensures the gentle extraction of the active and aromatic substances from the herbs.

Underberg matures in Slovenian oak barrels for several months to ensure its unmistakably rounded flavour and contains 1.3 percent herbal extract by weight, specifically: aromatic, digestion-stimulating, relaxing and calming active substances, naturally occurring vitamin B1; (the B1 vitamin requirement is closely linked to the body's energy metabolism), and it contains a sufficient quantity to break down the alcohol.

Category(s):     Speciality
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Producer: Underberg   -   www.underberg.com
ABV:   44%
Brand:   Underberg
Country of Origin:   Switzerland


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2 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Fri, 18 Dec 2009
Review: Underberg is the perfect cure for: Bloatendess after a meal, Upset Stomach, Hangover (Seriously!). After a heavy night on holiday I couldn\'t face a drink the next day... felt like I was on a boat.... lovely girl behind the bar gave me a large shot of this stuff and said \"See you in 20 minutes for tequila\". I said \"don\'t think so, I\'ll stick to my pepsi tonight\". 20 minutes later I was all fixed and throwing the shots down my neck again. Next to my Lansoprazole, this is a miracle cure!

Date of Review: Wed, 28 Sep 2005
Review: I first tried Underberg in a German restaurant in Candada. It has a bitter, pungent taste but does seem to settle the stomach after a large meal. The bottles, with their paper wrapper, are very cute as well.

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Producer Information

Over 160 years of tradition and foresight. Underberg is a family business which has been passing down their experience for 5 generations. Today, the family members from the fourth and fifth generations personally select the aromatic herbs needed to create the perfectly balanced blend.

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