Choya - Extra Years Umeshu Dento - Japanese Plum Liqueur 70cl Bottle


Choya - Extra Years Umeshu Dento
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70cl Bottle
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Japanese traditional Umeshu (ume fruit liqueur), which is made from ume fruit (related to the Apricot fruit of the
Rosaceae family).

Choya is revered through Japan for its balance of sweetness, acidity and exotic aroma with hints of marzipan.

Extra Years contains only natural ingredients.

Category(s):     Sake

Producer: Choya
ABV:   17%
Brand:   Choya
Country of Origin:   Japan


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2 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Tue, 09 Dec 2008
Review: Was first introduced to this on a month-long excursion to Japan a few years ago. Over there they use it in all kinds of forms. Umeshu-soda (Umeshu with tonic and a plum on the rocks) is popular in restaurants. It's tradition that if you've never had it before, you're supposed to try the plum in the bottom of the glass. The straight liqueur is used as a sweet cough syrup that coats the throat. More diluted versions can even be found in vending machines in cans, as well as in juice-style cardboard boxes in convenience stores! It's great stuff, and Umeshu Dento is the real thing. Here in the states, you can't find the real thing anywhere. You can find plum flavoured sake, and some brown-coloured cheap wines they call "Plum flavoured Wine" but none of them are as good as this, and do not taste like what I had in Japan. Umeshu Dento is the real thing. I still have a bottle I imported with me to save for a special occasion. So glad I found it here - I bought a case.

Date of Review: Tue, 08 Mar 2005
Review: In Japan this is actually a health drink. But to my western palate this is an excellent drink for all occasions. The packaging is fantastic you only have to look at the ingeniously built-in pourer and the real ume plums inside. A great topic of conversation when you serve as an aperitif.
We tried this with tonic and we also made our own Japanese sak cocktail with Umeshu. Delicious. I'm told too that its great hot with green tea. Really unusual.
Suggestion pour one measure over ice in a tall glass. Add tonic to taste and one of the ume plums. Stir and savour. The sweet plum taste is modified by the tonic. Highly recommended at any time.

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