De Kuyper - Creme de Bananes (Banana) - Liqueur 50cl Bottle


De Kuyper - Creme de Bananes (Banana)
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50cl Bottle
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Extracts from top-grade, ripe bananas are blended with fine neutral spirit to produce this smooth liqueur.

The richness of De Kuyper creme de bananes makes it extremely adaptable for many recipes.

Category(s):     Liqueur
Group(s):     Banana Flavoured ,   Creme Liqueurs ,   Fruit Liqueurs
Producer: De Kuyper   -
ABV:   24%
Brand:   De Kuypers
Country of Origin:   Holland
Liqueur Type:   Fruit
Liqueur Type:   Creme


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1 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Wed, 17 Dec 2008
Review: This is a good quality Banana liqueur. I purchased this for making a cocktail with Blue Curacao and Sprite that I had on holiday and it works well though you have to use quite a bit of this to get it right and being it's pricier than other spirits it can prove costly....though very delicious.

Has a very golden yellow colour, the banana liqueurs vary from being a murky yellow to a bright almost neon yellow, I prefer these coloured liqueurs as they have a balance taste that really brings out the banana flavour without being too strong or too "artificial" banana.

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Producer Information

The De Kuyper Royal Distillery can trace their history to 1695. Petrus De Kuyper worked for a coppersmith whose casks were used for transporting Dutch gin and beer. In 1729, his son, Johannes, bought a distillery in Schiedam - the centre of Dutch gin production. Johannes De Kuyper's distillery began producing Dutch gin principally for export to Britain and her colonies. In 1920, De Kuyper began producing liqueurs and, by the 1930's De Kuyper had produced almost twenty varieties including Apricot Brandy, Cherry Brandy, Triple Sec and Créme de Menthe. In the 1960's liqueurs became De Kuyper's core business and they sponsored the first-ever cocktail competitions. In 1995 on its 300th Anniversary and in recognition of three centuries of distilling excellence, De Kuyper was awarded the Dutch title 'Royal Distillers'.

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